Are you looking to plan an exotic vacation where you can spend time in nature and be surrounded by fascinating culture? If so, East Africa travel should definitely be on your bucket list.

Whether you’re looking to go on a safari and take some of the most incredible photos or relax on the beach surrounded by breathtaking views, places in Africa can deliver. Africa is home to some of the most delicious fare and kindest locals, some of the best aspects of travel.

Continue reading to learn more about Africa travel and the best places to visit in Africa. We’ll share with you important details on travel tips, activities, weather, and local languages.

Why Visit Africa 

Africa isn’t always the first place on a traveler’s bucket list, but it should be! Here are some of the best parts about traveling to Africa.

Flavorful Cuisine

Since our top places to visit in Africa are on the east coast, we’ll share what East African cuisine is all about! If you enjoy flavorful food, you’ll love East African cooking as they’re richly spiced.

Locals enjoy vegetables, meat including seafood, and rice all with a full flavor. Tropical fruits including pineapple and mango are also popular snacks.

If you happen to be a vegetarian, East Africa is a great place to visit! Although many dishes are made with meat, it’s easy to eat lots of tasty fruit and vegetables.

Gorgeous Panorama

From mountains to beaches, East Africa offers some of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. You can also come across vast savannahs and large lakes.

Safari Experiences

When we think of Africa travel, we often think of safaris. Kenya is a prime safari country and surrounding countries also offer the experience. A safari adventure gives an inside look to lions, elephants, cheetahs, and more living in their natural habitat.

Exotic Beaches

For those looking for a beach getaway, East Africa offers unmatched experiences. Warm waters are ideal for swimming and soft white sands welcome sunbathers. There are also many exciting fishing and diving opportunities.

Fascinating Culture

Africa offers a cultural experience like no other! With more than 1 billion African residents and 3,000 tribes, the culture is diverse. This makes Africa home to unique languages, traditions, and cuisine.

Kind People

Likely due to its cultural diversity, Africa is known for its friendly and inviting locals. Most people are kind and welcoming to tourists. Depending on where you visit, the vibe is laid-back and the people reflect this.

East Africa Travel Tips

As with anywhere, travel expectations and experiences vary depending on which country you visit in Africa. However, these tips can be applied to most places in Africa.

Be mindful of taking pictures.

While you’ll certainly want to snap photos of stunning views and beautiful wildlife, don’t take pictures of people unless you ask permission.

Research entry requirements.

Entry requirements for most countries in East Africa are fairly simple if you’re from the United States. This may vary depending on where you’re from and where you’re going.

To find out more about important travel information such as traveling abroad, check out these resources.

Learn basic phrases.

As with traveling abroad anywhere, it’s good to know some basic phrases in that country’s official language. These may include things like ‘hello,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘how much is it.’ Locals appreciate the effort and it makes your adventure much easier.

Apps like Google Translate can help when there’s a language barrier. With English being the universal language, you can usually find at least some English speakers in touristy destinations.

Do your research.

Each country is its own place so it’s important to be mindful of the specific one you’re going to. Do your research to learn specific details about where you’re going. Working with a travel agent is the best way to ensure you’re prepared for your next vacation!

Some things to know before you go:

  • Vaccine requirements for entry
  • What the local language is and if English is highly spoken or not
  • What Wi-Fi is like
  • What the currency is
  • Which SIM card you should get at the airport for the best cell reception
  • What transportation is needed from the airport and around town
  • Which areas are best to stay in
  • Local activities

3 Best Places to Visit in Africa

East Africa is home to some of the world’s most stunning destinations. If you’re traveling to Africa, there are many experiences to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to observe wildlife, meet new people, or relax on the beach, there’s something for everyone in Africa.

Let’s take a look at the 3 of the best places for East Africa travel.


best places to visit in Africa: Mount Kenya with elephants
Mount Kenya; Photo by Leon Pauleikhoff on Unsplash.

Kenya is an incredible country that has so much to offer! If you’re taking a trip to Africa but can only go to one place, Kenya is the ideal destination. Kenya is a very diverse country so there are many languages spoken with Swahili, English, and Kikuyu being the main ones.

From its stunning scenery to friendly locals, there’s so much to enjoy. The temperate weather is ideal to experience Kenya’s savanna safaris and gorgeous beaches

Travelers love these sites in Kenya:

  • Amboseli National Park: most famous for elephants and a unique safari experience
  • Mount Kenya: the tallest mountain in Kenya and second-tallest in all of Africa
  • Diani Beach: Africa’s most popular beach destination featuring white sands and abundant greenery


coffee ceremony in Ethiopia
Ethiopian coffee ceremonies are a social event in some villages. Photo by Zeynep Sümer on Unsplash.

If you’re planning to visit Africa and love coffee, Ethiopia should definitely be on your itinerary! It’s where coffee originated and Ethiopian coffee is as tasty as you can imagine.

Aside from coffee, Ethiopia is home to diverse wildlife and rich culture. There is no shortage of memories to be made when exploring this beautiful country that offers warm, dry weather almost all year.

The official Ethiopian language in Amharic. With that said, the increase in tourism has led to slight growth in English speakers.

Some iconic activities in Ethiopia include:

  • Simien Mountain National Park: Ethiopia’s largest national park
  • The National Museum of Ethiopia: home to local artistic gems and fossilized remains
  • Blue Nile Falls: a waterfall on the Blue Nile River


beach in zanzibar; best places to visit in africa
Zanzibar, Tanzania; Photo by Jasmina Ajkic on Unsplash.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path for a tropical vacation, Zanzibar is the perfect location! It’s an archipelago of islands off the coast of East Africa and is home to more than 25 breathtaking beaches.

Not only is there plenty of relaxing to do at the ocean, but Zanzibar is also one of the best places to visit in Africa for various activities. And, the weather is great for it just about all year, although April and May can be rainy.

Zanzibar boasts resorts with pools, shopping opportunities, and great food to enjoy. Vibrant cafes and markets can also be found.

Swahili is the most widely spoken language in Zanzibar. In most tourists areas, locals may also speak languages from the Western part of the world including English, French, and Italian.

Favorite tourist attractions in Zanzibar are:

  • Cheetah’s Rock: an educational wildlife rescue and conservation center
  • Nakupenda Beach Nature Reserve: an island where visitors can snorkel and swim with dolphins
  • Jozani Forest: the only national park in Zanzibar

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to pack your bags for your next vacation? I hope you’ve been inspired to take a trip to one of the most fascinating places in the world! If you enjoy exciting adventures, diverse landscapes, and making new friends, traveling to East Africa is perfect for you.

If you’re ready to learn more about the best places to visit in Africa, check out Evolution Travel for help planning an unforgettable vacation.

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