Thinking about an African safari?
Then, Kenya has to be in your thoughts.
This is because safari and Kenya belong together. Do you know that while ‘safari’ is now synonymous with an expedition in the African wild, the word has it origin in Kiswahili language?
Safari is the Kiswahili word for travelling or a journey. Of course you don’t need to know this, but the knowledge won’t hurt. What is important is the reason why you need to choose Kenya in your African safari.

Unforgettable African safari experience
There are a hundred and one reasons to choose Kenya as an African safari destination. These include spending time in the white beaches, visiting the iconic 426-year old Fort Jesus in Mombasa, game view of a wide variety of wild animals and birds, experiencing rich tribal cultures. Other things to do during your African safari in Kenya include visiting the Great Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, fresh water and salty water lakes. Kenya also offers a wide selection of 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star hotels, lodges, camps and cottages so are as comfortable as you wich.
Kenya also takes pride in conserving the world’s wildlife heritage by supporting conservancies across the country. Its 160 major conservancies cover more than 6.6 million hectares of land, and serve as home to millions of animals.
It is no wonder that Kenya is at the top of the listings of Africa’s leading tourism hubs.
Here are 11 reasons to choose Kenya in your African safari:

1. Top African Safari Destination
In 2020, Kenya was ranked Africa’s top tourist destination by the World Travel Awards (WTA). In the same ranking, Kenya was ranked 63rd globally. This was in recognition of the countries rich offerings of nature, wildlife, hospitality, infrastructure and culture. It is no wonder that an average of 2 million foreign tourists visit the country annually. (1)

2. Moderate weather
Kenya straddles the Equator with a half each of the country in the northern and southern hemispheres. For this reason, the country has moderate weather most of the year. This is like having a never ending summer with a bit of spring. For this reason, you visit and do most of the things you can only do during summer and in the USA. And while there are short spells of relatively lower temperatures in the highlands, the countries general temperature averages between 60o and 80o Fahrenheit.

3. Cradle of mankind
Kenya is regarded as the cradle of humankind because it is here that some of the oldest remains of human and closely related species have been found. In fact, Kenya is a hotbed of archeological activity with more than 700 fossils of early man having been found. In total, Kenya has nearly 400,000 fossils in various museums. These findings put Kenya on the world archeological map. An African safari would therefore be incomplete if you don’t include Kenya, the home of all mankind in it. You may want to include some archeological sites in your safari. Important archeological sites include Olorgesaille, Kariandusi, Gedi Ruins and Lake Turkana,

4. Home to the big five

One of the most popular activities during an African safari in Kenya is watching animals in their natural habitat. Kenya is home to millions of animals. These include the big 5, comprising the elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. The term big 5 was adopted due to the difficulty in hunting these animals. However, hunting is no longer legal in Kenya.

5. National park in the city
If you plan to spend a short time in Nairobi or are in Nairobi on a quiet vacation, Nairobi National Park offers you that break from city life. Located to the south east of the capital city, just off the Mombasa Road as you drive from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi National Park is easily accessible and is minutes away from the city center. You can do a safari walk or drive within the park, and watch giraffes, zebra, baboon, buffalo and a variety of birds.

6. 8th wonder of the world

Regarded as the 8th Wonder of the World, the annual wildebeest migration is a spectacle not seen anywhere else in the world. During the migration, in the months of July to November each year, nearly 2 million wildebeests move in a clockwise loop between Serengeti National Reserve in Tanzania and Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya.

7. Best hotels of the world
Kenya’s hospitality industry has been voted as having some of the best hotels of the world. This is evidence enough that your stay in Kenya will be as pleasant as you can get from the best locations in the world. Restaurants offer any kind of meal you can think of: Mediterranean, continental, Swahili and other local and international dishes.

8. Safari trails in Kenya

Whether you choose to walk or drive, Kenya offers well established African safari trails. The more popular safari destinations in Kenya include Maasai Mara National Reserve, Samburu National Reserve, Tsavo National Park and Amboseli National Park.

9. Hot air balloon rides

Hot air balloons offer a different safari experience. Watch the animals in the natural habitat from the air over the Maasai Mara. A hot air balloon ride allows you to cover more ground and gives you a better view of the animals and the savannah landscape.

10. Safari lodges and camps

Kenya offers a wide variety of safari lodges and camps in most of its safari destinations. So, whether you have Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, Mount Kenya or Meru, you can pick your favorite type of accommodation in the wild to make your safari truly unforgettable.

11. White sand beaches

Kenya boasts some of the whitest beaches you can find anywhere in the world. These beaches line a significant portion of Kenya’s 333-mile long coastline. You can enjoy your vacation in Kwale County’s Diani Beach in the south coast, in Mombasa and Kilifi in the north, or Lamu further north. No matter your choice, you will have access to some of the top beach hotels from where you can go for swimming or other water sports like surfing in the Indian Ocean. You could also go snorkeling in the pristine aquamarine ocean waters.

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